Intelligent Field-Proven Asset Management & MPO

Breaking: Roth & Partners extending business – AI.WA-IT GmbH i.G.

We at Roth & Partners have been honoured by our customers and business partners with an excellent growth in the interim management sector as well as in the market for instant asset management consulting based on our own IP. We have, bit by bit, extended our portfolio and felt this would encourage both a new legal form and new name. As our current activities (interim management, consulting and Research and Development, asset management and security) with our own IP and methodology have seen a massive organic growth, while at the same time expanding into the healthcare & medical, real-estate and angel-investment segments, we have decided to consolidate our international activities in a new legal entity.

We have kicked off the process of incorporation in 2020.

Here is a sneak-preview of the different segments:

  • We will continue developing and marketing our asset management software and IP.
  • We will continue the security & privacy-defense R&D as before.
  • At the same time, we have entered the healthcare market with an offer based on the leading interconnectivity standards for the healthcare enterprises (IHE). We also join forces with the best in class companies and producers of the medical industry.
  • We are extending our services with a team of 40 weathered SAP engineers into the on-demand R&D-market, this team is expected to be organically expanded to at least 100 brilliant heads by the end of 2020 and to 1,000 expert engineers by 2023.
  • As a natural development, we see that the demand for nimble and agile solutions in the real-estate-market requires the same methodologies applied in our field-proven Managed Project Offices, we did not hesitate to expand into this area since a couple of years.

Our logo will change as well - representing the cheerful and positive outlook we have at the future developments.