Intelligent Field-Proven Asset Management & MPO

Download Page on iTAM™ Asset-Management

license-management,asset-management,patch-management,release-management,roll-out-management,iTAM,data security,dataprotectionDownload asset-management - centered white-papers and brochures, our MSA or simply ask for a free audit by one of our partners.

Find our Terms and Conditions (Swiss German Language) here: AGB-RuP (PDF)

Have a look at the white paper on SCCM optimisation: SCCM-Optimisation white paper (PDF) 

Have a look at our disaster-recovery analysis paper regarding how to use an active asset-management to correct rogue patches or results of attacks: disaster strikes - what now (PDF)

Here the German language version regarding how to use an active inventory to correct rogue patches or results of attacks: Super GAU - was tun? (PDF)

Here is our general brochure on our field-proven intelligent asset management solution iTAM™: iTAM Flyer-ENG 2017-04-23 iTAM Flyer ENG (PDF)

Have a look at the newest info: How to avoid WannaCry and similar disasters to have a notable impact on your operations by using a field-proven asset-management and disaster-recovery-solution2017-07-14 iTAM Disaster Recovery vs. Wanna Cry ENG (PDF)