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iTAM™ Intelligent Asset-Management

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Whether IT infrastructure means a flock of cloud-based data centers distributed all over the globe or an internal data centers or a mixture with hundreds if not thousands of workplace computers, print-servers and virtual machines strewn in, connected with WAN or LAN, since several decades the topic most dreaded in all IT staff is keeping a clean account of everything installed: Assets in Hardware or Software documented auditable by an intelligent IT asset-management.

When disaster strikes (by way of a rogue SCCM patch or a ransomware attack), or when a Windows 10 upgrade all of a sudden needs to happen, or auditors are knocking at the doors wishing to penalize under-licensing, one thing always goes missing:

The most current list of assets installed in the organisation is unavailable.

How can this be? The issue is, that asset-management systems are mostly apps, installed on OSI layer 6 and 7. They are limited in terms of operating system versatility and, unfortunately, their information has no protection at all when transferred. So gaping holes are unavoidable - unless there is iTAM™ by Roth&Partners available.

According to 2016/2017 studies, software accounts for 20% to 35% of today‘s IT-Budgets. Audits on correct licensing occur with higher frequency than ever before. Due to this, the management is increasingly forced to proactively monitor and manage the correct levels of releases- and licenses.

Hence the increase of importance of an IT asset-management (iTAM) in order to avoid costly penalties or cost inefficiencies for under- or over-licensed software. Microsoft- und Oracle-licensing bear a high risk-potential. Once IT Audits are called for, they tend to bind valuable resources and thus have a financial impact on available IT-budgets. Precise figures tend to be as difficult to obtain as it gets.

iTAM™ as an asset-management delivers a complete toolset allowing organisations to generate an always up-to-date organisation-wide and comprehensive IT-Asset-Management CMDB. On demand, the software rolled out and installed does not only end up registered and accounted for, but errors may be remedied on demand using the same toolkit. This way an efficient and effective management of licensing cost is possible for the IT department. Proprietary solutions often cover only a fraction of the desired license-management and fail confronted with a meticulous licensing audit. Roth&Partners (R&P) closes this gap by application of a combined field-proven technology stack and the precise Managed Project Office (MPO) – Process.


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asset-management,risk-management,unique features of iTAM asset-management

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