Intelligent Field-Proven Asset Management & MPO

Why iTAM™ Asset-Management?

asset-management,risk-management,unique features of iTAM asset-managementThe market is choc-full with asset-management solutions. So why use the approach we suggest? Most of the other applications on the market have a couple of flaws which translate in a high level of operational cost for the organisation using them.




More often than not, these differ from iTAM™ asset-management by providing apps that are "slapped on" to computers, which could in the worst case be identified as a harmful element by company-wide AV. Then, of course, their use is limited. Like SCCM, some of them are even an open invitation for hackers and attackers, who are delighted if they find something with highest permissions deployed in the network (read more about the hackers happiness when being able to abuse SCCM) Then again, you might shy back from using a solution hosted on a US cloud.

Something the AM solutions do is report installed SW - full stop. They are not capable to control, deploy, correct and manage.

Especially in the case of the famous SCCM, how to actually control whether some piece of SW, patch or upgrade has been deployed? There is no feedback-loop in many of the solutions on the market. No, IBM Tivoli and Microsoft SCCM simply can't. And this is incredibly unfortunate if a whole public authority or a department like accounting are not able to work, because of a crazy patch floating around that doesn't report its fault back to your IT team. Headaches are an inevitable result.

If a deployment and license management system only knows what it has sent, and not what has actually arrived, any inventory is reduced to pure guesswork!

So, what if your asset-management only runs on selected operating systems? Red Hat have a great solution, but -sorry- only for Linux based computers. Same for SUSE. Many are limited to Windows - and what about your creative heads that use Macs?

Many of the apps on the market run as an unencrypted service. No safety whatsoever from the occasional eavesdropper - or your adversary.These points mark 95% of the products on the market as falling short of a suitable solution.

If any given system does not have these strong points, then why even bother to compare?

These are the "must-haves" for a suitable solution:

  1. encrypted communication, with special attention to alternative network infrastructures, B1 level achievable
  2. Cloud avoidance to stop snooping
  3. working on OSI layer 2 (of 7) instead on layer 6, independent of operating systems

Summary: High Security/Encryption - no cloud - OS agnostic

Looking at costs:

OpEx needs to be constantly monitored and reduced as far as possible. Approximately 25% of operational cost can be reduced.

  1. Push-button inventory of all assets (including Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows,...) 24 / 7 with one system, one interface
  2. Special attention to automated management, even for special solutions (e.g. hospital-solutions, law enforcement solutions, military applications often require a highly specialised setup and environment). Special requests are usually the death of a standardised AM solution - not so in our case.
  3. Control and ad hoc recovery of all assets - field-proven with disaster recovery solution on demand.

Summary: All assets covered – immediate inventory on push of a button – Disaster Recovery in case of unwanted SW mutations.

Unique capabilities In short:

  • Operating-System- Independence

  • Active IT Asset-Management

  • Active Software-License-Management

  • Inventory with Open Systems Architecture

  • Security Built in

  • Installation on Premise


Service Categories:

asset-management,risk-management,unique features of iTAM asset-management

iTAM™ Asset-Management

iTAM™ Asset-Discovery

iTAM™ intelligent License-Control

iTAM™ Geolocation

iTAM™ Disaster Recovery

iTAM™ Patch- and Release management

iTAM™ Rollout-Management


asset-management,risk-management,unique features of iTAM asset-management